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Elder T.W. Wesley was appointed Pastor of Friendship Holy Bible Church of God in Marston, NC, in October of 1998. Previously, the Man of God served as Chairman of the Deacon Board, Associate Minister, and Minister of Music at Bible Center Holy Bible Church of God in Fayetteville NC, where the visionaries were his parents: The Triumphant, Sr. Bishop, Dr. John D. Wesley and Pastor, Dr. Mary A. Wesley. Elder Wesley was elevated to Bishop in 2005. He is happily married to Evangelist Benita Ann Wesley, who accepted her calling into the ministry in 1995, and works directly by his side. Evangelist Wesley served under the auspices of her mother, Overseer Mariah Frasier, at Pentecostal House Of Praise in Hinesville, Georgia. Prior to entering the ministry, the Woman of God served in various capacities: Choir Member, Secretary, Sunday School Teacher, and Door Keeper in God’s house. She has served not only her church, but the body of Christ through her pure style of Praise and Worship.

Bishop Wesley received his Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Education from Heritage Bible College in Dunn, NC, and made history in May 2009, when he graduated with dual Masters in Divinity and Christian Education from Apex School of Theology in Durham, NC. The scholar is also credited for spearheading the opening of the first Learning Center for ASOT in Fayetteville, NC, where he served as the Director and an Instructor. In addition, he is the Author of the MIDNIGHT CRY: Spiritual Warfare and MIDNIGHT CRY: HOPE AT MIDNIGHT Devotions and the newly released MIDNIGHT CRY: SPIRITUAL EMPOWERMENT and 57 Days  To Promise, Purpose, And Power. Evangelist Wesley is a graduate of Altamah Technical College in Jesup, Georgia, where she obtained her license in cosmetology. In addition to being a Master Cosmetologist, Evangelist Wesley has a passion for teaching children. In June 2015, she was honored for her dedication and commitment to education.

Bishop and Evangelist Wesley are the parents of three sons: Johnathon, Timothy, and Aaron Ministry, Music, and Praise are interwoven in their beings.  They are also the proud grandparents of four. Bishop and Evangelist flow and operate in the fivefold ministry. In 2005, Evangelist Wesley was promoted to Prophetess and in June 2010, God affirmed Bishop Wesley as an Apostle. God has given them a great ministry for souls and they are “Ministering to Make a Difference.” They have a passion for people who have been wounded, abused and are dying spiritually. Apostle and Prophetess Wesley are SPIRITUAL PARAMEDICS FOR THE PARAPLEGIC. In the triage unit, the help people to resuscitate and recover by providing the healing WORD of GOD.

In September 2010, Apostle Wesley and three members of Ministerial Team Evangelized, Empowered, Equipped, Encouraged, and Educated the people in Kakamega and Chimoi, Africa. The Missionary continues to support the people of Africa through gifts to the schools and Bible College. It is his heart’s desire to initiate the building of classrooms in Chimoi.

In February 2012, Worldwide Fellowship Ministries, True Word of God and One Accord Holiness Churches, Inc. merged. Thus, creating One Accord Worldwide Church of God, Incorporated where Apostle Wesley served humbly as the Diocesan Bishop faithfully for seven years under the auspices of his father. Upon the retirement of Sr. Bishop, Dr. John D. Wesley, in September of 2019, Apostle was named the pastor of the headquarters church, Bible Center One Accord Worldwide Church of God. And on February 22, 2020, he was officially installed as Presiding Prelate of the Organization.

Indeed, they have a vision to build for the Kingdom of God and through prayer, much suffering and obedience to God’s instructions, Apostle and Prophetess Wesley continue to write the vision and make it plain.

Their motto is…

“If The Vision Is BIG Enough, The FACTS JUST DON’T MATTER!”

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